Jim Jackson

Hello, here is a little history of how I became Jackson's Antiques and Music.

I have always been interested in antiques. I started when I was fifteen years old in a small SW Ohio town. I used to go to local trash dumps, I always liked the old farm dumps the best. There I would dig and unearth sometimes some amazing items. From there I graduated High School, went to a junior college, and when I got back home I still pursued antiques. In 1972, in Gratis, Ohio I started an antique shop called Have You Seen My Attic, and from there in 1975 I moved to the town of College Corner, where I still reside. I opened an antique shop there in my home called Howe Tavern Antiques. The Howe Tavern is also the first permanent bulding in College Corner, Ohio. It is also on the National Historic Register for historical buildings. In 1976, my parents decided that they wanted a change, moved to College Corner, and we joined forces and acquired the old bank building across the street from Howe Tavern. There we started Victorian House Antiques. We kept the shop going, even during some tragic family times. We continued up until 2007. The antique business was no longer a business to make a living with, so I changed things around and started a music shop as well. As a musician, it seems to be the right direction. I will pursue antiques as well as music, and I hope in the coming months and years there will be something that will suit your fancy. So drop in, live and in person or via the internet. You are always welcome.

Jim Jackson


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The antique business was never again a business to bring home the bacon with, so I changed things around and began a music shop too. Professional Coursework Help As an artist, it is by all accounts the correct heading. I will seek after collectibles and also music, and I trust in the coming months and years there will be something that will suit your favor

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About Us

We are an established business with over forty years of buying and selling antiques under our belt, launching Jackson's Music in 2007. We are located in Southwest Ohio in a town called College Corner. We are four minutes from Oxford Ohio, home of Miami University. We deal in all types of musical instruments from new to used as well as antiques. So keep watching and maybe we'll have something you'll like.


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Jackson's Music & Antiques
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Sun: 11am - 3pm

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